Steel chimneys

Steel chimneys are complete system solutions made of stainless steel, used to exhaust fumes from heating devices. JAWAR steel chimneys are modern solutions that allow for quick and professional installation of a chimney wherever it is not possible to build a traditional or ceramic chimney. Both indoor and outdoor applications are possible. Due to the possibility of attaching the chimney to the wall of the building, no building permit is required for its installation.

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What are steel chimneys and what are they used for?

Steel chimneys are complete chimneys that do not require an existing brick or concrete chimney for installation. They are used wherever we cannot or do not want to use a traditional or block chimney. Steel chimneys consist of a core made of stainless steel, insulation and an outer jacket made of stainless steel. In some cases, they have other layers. Steel chimneys can be used to exhaust gases from various heating devices. They are used in both residential and industrial construction.

External chimneys

JAWAR insulated chimneys are perfect as external chimneys. Thanks to the insulation made of ceramic fibers, they ensure safety and proper working conditions of the chimney. JAWAR external chimneys can be attached to the wall, so no building permit is required for their installation. They can be used for traditional wood, coal and oil fired appliances, as well as e.g. modern condensing boilers (in this case, the chimneys are equipped with additional gaskets).

Steel chimneys price

The price of a steel chimney depends on its purpose, production quality, the grade of steel it is made of, the quality and thickness of the insulation, as well as the length and diameter of the chimney. All these factors make it very difficult to compare the prices of two different chimneys. First of all, you should focus on the features that the chimney should have to ensure the safety and proper operation of the entire heating system. The purchase of an insulated chimney costs several hundred to several thousand Euros. We invite you to contact JAWAR consultants in order to evaluate a specific product for you. You can also visit our “accessories” section for the price list of individual chimney elements.

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