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JAWAR is a manufacturer of chimneys and ventilation systems with 30-year experience. Our products are distinguished by their safety of use and the possibility of effective heat recovery. JAWAR is among the leading chimney manufacturers, constantly introducing innovations, keeping pace with the modern technologies and market needs.

In two production facilities located in central Poland, we manufacture hundreds of kilometers of new chimneys every year. Our product range involves the widest on the Polish market choice of block chimney systems with isostatic ceramics and perlite blocks, ventilation chimneys, as well as stainless steel chimneys and chimney liners. The long experience of the company, connected with innovation, guarantee our customers satisfaction of their purchase.

JAWAR, as one of the few companies in Europe, introduced production of the most modern chimney pipes, manufactured in the technology of isostatic pressing. Chimneys equipped with these pipes are distinguished by easy and fast installation, high resistance to acids, high temperatures and mechanical load. 

As the first chimney producer in Europe, JAWAR has introduced chimney and ventilation blocks made of expanded perlite. Using this innovative material in the chimney technology leads to better insulation of chimney, increases the safety of operation and significantly shortens the time of chimney installation.

Jawar Ciechanów

Our product range is distinguished by the presence of chimney and ventilation systems with heat recovery. We take care of the environment and help our customers save money! This solution is applied to the block chimneys JAWAR NORD, to the stainless steel chimneys JAWAR AERO and ventilation system JAWAR ATMO.

We have our own R&D department. Our team of engineers is constantly working on improving the products and adjusting them to the growing requirements of modern technology. JAWAR, as a socially responsible organization, is investing in solutions that lead to improving the air quality, for the sake of us all.


The origins of the company date back to the mid-1980s, when its founder – Bogdan Jarzyński – started operating under the name Zakład Urządzeń Grzewczych (Heating Devices Company). Initially, the company dealt mainly with the production of central heating boilers powered by gas and oil. In 1995, the company started producing the first stainless steel chimney liners. They quickly became the main source of the company’s income. The range of products has also been expanded to include insulated steel chimneys and chimneys for condensing and TURBO boilers. It was also decided to organize the company in the form of a limited company and change the brand to JAWAR.

JAWAR Ltd. was established in 2002 and is a family company with entirely Polish capital. From the beginning, its main goal is to implement innovative solutions in the chimney technique. Since the foundation of the company, the main source of its income has been the sale of chimney systems for single-family and multi-family housing. Initially, the company offered only steel chimneys and accessories. In 2006, the offer was enriched with ceramic chimney systemswhich, along with the development of construction in Poland, became an important source of the company’s revenues. Currently, JAWAR company independently produces steel, concrete and ceramic elements for chimney systems. The production of the latter is based on the modern isostatic pressing technology, which JAWAR implemented in 2010 as the fourth manufacturer of chimneys in Europe. Since the end of 2014, the leading activity profile has been the production of ceramic elements of chimney systems.

Until the end of 2017, all production was carried out at the production facility in Ciechanów. In November 2017, a second, modern production plant was commissioned in Zygmuntowo (Glinojeck commune), where chimney and ventilation blocks made of perlite-concrete are produced. The plant has two production lines – a perlite expansion line and a block production line. Production is based on our own patented technology. JAWAR is the first company in Europe to use perlite-concrete in chimney systems.

Thanks to the use of expanded perlite in the production, JAWAR introduced perlite-concrete blocks to all its chimney systems, which increased the safety and economy of their use, and also facilitated installation. The company also introduced an innovative ventilation system with heat recovery, JAWAR ATMO, along with a series of recuperators of own production.

The development of JAWAR has been co-financed from EU funds for many years. Part of the equipment of the existing line for the production of isostatically pressed ceramics was co-financed from Measure 4.3 Technological Loan. The company has also implemented a B2B platform to cooperate with its recipients, using the 8.2 POIG program. In 2015-2016, the company carried out a project consisting in the modernization of the machinery park (steel chimney production line) as well as research and development works. The project was co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (Green Industry Innovation program – Norway Grants). The result of this program is, among others, patent and technology of production of chimney components using expanded perlite. Currently, the company is implementing another research and development project, this time co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development from the funds of the European Fast Track program.

The JAWAR company currently employs over 80 people. In addition to two production plants, the manufacturer of chimneys from Ciechanów can boast a well-equipped research laboratory, where some of the most modern solutions in the chimney technology in Europe are created and tested. The company sells its products on the Polish and foreign markets. The main export destinations are Scandinavia, Central and South European countries.


Our mission is delivering solutions that allow exhausting of gases and air exchange in our customers’ houses in complete safety and maximum heat recovery.

Responding to the climate challenges of the modern world, we introduce innovations so that our customers can enjoy the warmth in their homes without abusing the natural environment. The company’s products are distinguished from the competition by the presence of systems enabling heat recovery in practically every product range.


Production plant in Ciechanów

Production plant in Glinojeck

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