Mechanical ventilation

We present mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery in the JAWAR offer. JAWAR recuperation is a guarantee of fresh air and savings.

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What is mechanical ventilation and what is it used for?

Mechanical ventilation works by means of an air handling unit which mechanically blows fresh air through the inlet ducts, and draws out used air through the exhaust ducts. Air handling units are usually equipped with heat exchangers, which collect heat from the used air and pass it towards the supplied air from the outside. This helps to reduce heat loss caused by ventilation. Air handling units also allow fresh air to be filtered, which prevents smog from entering the apartment. The air from the air handling unit is distributed to various rooms through a system of vertical and horizontal ducts ended with diffusers.

Mechanical ventilation with heat exchange

The basic element of a mechanical ventilation system is the air handling unit. Modern air handling units are equipped with heat exchangers, thanks to which it is possible to recover heat in ventilation. The exchanger transfers the heat energy of the used air to the supplied fresh air. The use of this technology allows to reduce heat losses in ventilation by up to 90%. Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (recuperation) is a system recommended in modern construction. It ensures comfort of use, as well as allows for savings in heating and counteracts climate change. The JAWAR ATMO recuperation system is a very efficient and affordable product that allows you to recover heat in your home.

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