Steel chimney liners

The use of metal chimney liners is the most popular way of protecting existing chimneys against harmful effects of flue gas and condensate. JAWAR chimney liners are made of the highest quality acid-resistant and heat-resistant steel. Due to the special properties of steel, the chimney liners are resistant to aggressive chemical compounds in the exhaust gases. A great advantage of metal chimney liners are very thin walls (0.5 – 1.0 mm), which result in a low thermal capacity of the liner. As a result, the chimney heats up very quickly and obtains proper draft.
Depending on the needs, JAWAR chimney liners are made in round or oval cross-sections. Single-layer and two-layer flexible liners are also available. For the most modern condensation technology, the company offers condensation and TURBO liners.

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What are metal / steel chimney liners and what are they used for?

Metal chimney liners are a set of pipes and fittings made to secure the chimney. These elements are made of high-quality acid-resistant and heat-resistant steels that are resistant to aggressive chemicals in the exhaust gases. Nowadays, practically every brick chimney should be secured with a chimney liner. Metal liners are by far the most popular. They are used for fireplaces, for wood, coal or oil boilers, as well as for the most modern gas condensing devices.

Steel chimney liners

JAWAR chimney liners are made of the highest quality steel. We produce acid-resistant liners from 316L steel, i.e. austenitic steel grade with high nickel and molybdenum content. It works especially well in those chimneys where we deal with wet exhaust gases, i.e. when burning gas and oil, but also when burning wood or pellets in modern heating devices.We manufacture our products in a thickness range from 0.5mm to 1.0mm. We also produce heat-resistant inserts from 309 steel grade. This steel is resistant to acids, but it is also resistant to very high temperatures, which occur when burning wood or coal in less efficient devices. We use this steel with a thickness of 0.8 mm. Moreover, JAWAR’s offer includes flexible pipes made of acid-resistant steel 316L, 0.1-0.12 mm thick, single-layer and double-layer.

Steel chimney pipes

JAWAR steel chimney pipes are a protection for every chimney. We produce traditional round and oval pipes, flexible, condensing and TURBO pipes for chimney liners. Our products are made of acid-resistant steel (316L) in the thickness of 0.5 mm – 1.0 mm and heat-resistant (309) in the thickness of 0.8 mm. A very wide selection of diameters is available, ranging from 60mm to 1000mm and ovals in the dimensions 100×200, 110×230 and 120x240mm. JAWAR chimney liners guarantee the highest quality.

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