Ventilation ensures air exchange in the building. For the healthy and comfortable use of rooms, we must constantly remove used and humid air, and at the same time supply fresh air. This is the task of ventilation, which is one of the most important systems of every building. JAWAR offers a number of systems dedicated to residential construction that will make you breathe fresh air at home.

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Ventilation at home

Two basic types of ventilation systems are used in housing construction: gravity and mechanical ventilation. Gravity (natural) ventilation works by using the natural mechanisms of air movement. This system consists of vertical ventilation ducts through which the used warm air is discharged. This is possible because warmer air is lighter than cold air and moves by the force of gravity along vertical channels outside the building. On the other hand, fresh air is supplied to the building through leaks in doors and windows, open windows or air inlets.

Modern low-energy buildings are much more airtight than traditional houses, which makes it difficult to supply air for ventilation. Therefore, mechanical ventilation was introduced. In this case, the air is blown into the building and removed from it by the operation of fans. In addition, such systems usually include recuperation, i.e. heat recovery. Modern air handling units are equipped with heat exchangers, thanks to which the fresh air is warmed up by the removed warm air, which allows to reduce heat losses through ventilation up to 90%.

Both ventilation systems (gravity and mechanical) are available in the JAWAR chimney offer. Our ventilation systems are manufactured with the use of expanded perlite, which ensures their quiet and effective operation.

Fresh air at home

Each of us needs fresh air to live. Every day, people inhale and exhale about 10,000 liters of air. For this purpose, the oxygen in the air is used and the carbon dioxide is exhaled. Moreover, the exhaled air contains water vapor. Moisture is also excreted by our bodies through the skin – in the process of sweating. In addition to the human body, there are other sources of moisture in the house: water evaporates during bathing and cooking. To ensure adequate comfort and health in the apartment, there should be efficient ventilation, which provides us with fresh air and removes used air and excess moisture.

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