Chimney liners

Chimney liners are used to protect the existing brick chimneys against the harmful effects of exhaust gases and condensate. Modern heating techniques provide increasingly efficient sources of heat, and thus the flue gases from boilers are getting cooler. However, this phenomenon is harmful to the chimney. Cool exhaust gases condense on the chimney walls, and aggressive chemical compounds cause its damage, which usually shows as stains on the walls of the building and an unpleasant smell in the rooms. Chimney liners protect the chimney against these conditions. Among JAWAR products you can find a whole range of chimney liners, steel ones with a round and oval section, flexible, as well as ceramic.

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What are chimney liners and what are they used for?

Chimney liners protect brick chimneys against the harmful effects of exhaust gases and condensate. Due to their special construction, they are resistant to acids and other substances in the exhaust gases. JAWAR chimney liners are made of acid-resistant steel or isostatically pressed ceramics. These materials, thanks to their properties, prevent exhaust gases from leaking beyond the chimney liner, significantly improving the lifetime of the chimney operation, safety of use and combustion conditions in the heating device. Chimney liners are used wherever there is a brick chimney. They are a set of pipes and fittings, adjusted in size to the needs of the heating device and the dimensions of the chimney.

Ready chimney liners

JAWAR products are ready-made system solutions that protect chimneys against harmful substances. JAWAR chimney liners are sets of pipes, tees, elbows, inspections, rain caps and any other elements that are necessary for installation in the chimney. The offer includes a very wide range of diameters and dimensions, thanks to which it is possible to adjust the insert to virtually any chimney. Depending on your needs, you can use round, oval, flexible and even ceramic liners. All these products are in the wide offer of JAWAR, and our advisers will be happy to help you choose the right chimney liner.

Liners for old chimneys

Traditional brick chimneys that worked well in the past, nowadays have to be secured with chimney liners. This is due to modern technology, which makes the heating devices increasingly efficient. As a result, the heat is no longer thrown through the chimney as it used to be. Heating devices use as much heat as possible, and the exhausted gases have relatively low temperatures. Cool exhaust gases condense on the chimney walls and cause its deterioration.
Therefore, it is necessary to use chimney liners nowadays. JAWAR inserts protect chimneys against the harmful effects of chemicals in the exhaust fumes. In addition, they improve the chimney draft. This is due to the thin walls of which the liners are made. They heat up much faster than a brick chimney, and thus – the chimney obtains the required draft faster. JAWAR inserts also ensure an additional tightness of the chimney, increasing the safety of residents against carbon monoxide poisoning.

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