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JAWAR Aero is a chimney that is both a decoration and an emphasis on the character of the interior.





The JAWAR Aero chimney is used in elegant interiors, where the fireplace and the chimney are an important decorative element of the room. The JAWAR Aero chimney can be connected to the fireplace with an upper or rear connection. It carries the smoke out through the ceiling and roof and at the same time transfers some heat directly to the apartment.
JAWAR Aero is a chimney that can work with fireplaces with a closed combustion chamber, ensuring complete safety for users. It has a channel that supplies air to the fireplace, so there is no need to supply air, e.g. through a pipe under the floor. Heat exchange between the smoke duct and the air duct allows for heat recovery and an increase in the energy efficiency of the heating system. The JAWAR Aero chimney can be installed in rooms with mechanical ventilation.

Product description

JAWAR Aero is a chimney that is both a decoration and an emphasis on the character of the interior. Thanks to the use of innovative technology, the connections of individual elements are practically invisible, and the black painted surface gives the chimney a unique look. JAWAR Aero ensures safe flue gas removal from the fireplace, as well as supplies air for combustion. It is an insulated internal chimney for fireplaces that provides both safety, efficient work and a perfect interior appearance.


  • Inner pipe made of acid-proof stainless steel grade 316L thickness 0,5mm-0,6mm,
  • Middle pipe made of stainless steel grade 304 thickness 0,5mm,
  • Outer pipe made of stainless steel 304 thickness 0,6mm,
  • Outer pipe black powder painted,
  • Invisible outer pipe connections made in the “Smooth” technology
  • Insulation made rockwool – thickness 30mm,
  • Additional airchannel,
  • Working temperature: up to 450⁰C,
  • Operation in dry conditions,
  • Operation in underpressure,
  • Mounted inside the house,
  • Wide range of diameters,
  • Easy and fast installation,
  • Low heat capacity,
  • High gas tightness,
  • Highest fire safety,
  • Distance to burnable materials: 50mm in open space.

Chimney construction

JAWAR Aero - budowa

Environmental protection

JAWAR Aero is a product developed with the support of Norwegian Grants. It is a chimney designed to save the environment and users’ money. Due to the heat exchange that takes place in the chimney between the exhausted gas and the supplied air, the efficiency of the heating device increases, and thus – the fuel consumption and the emission of solid particles and CO2 to the atmosphere decrease. JAWAR Aero chimney can be situated virtually anywhere in the house. JAWAR Aero is one of the most modern and ecological chimneys on the market.

Kit components

Basic elements:
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