Steel chimneys

JAWAR KI is a condensing insulated chimney made of acid-resistant steel.


oil / gas (condensing)

JAWAR KI system is used as an external chimney to remove gases from condensing heating devices in residential and non-residential buildings. It can be installed on a support plate mounted to the building wall or on a foundation base.

Product description

JAWAR KI is a condensing insulated chimney made of acid-resistant steel. The system is a complete chimney set for flue gas removal wherever there is no brick chimney. JAWAR condensing chimney consists of an inner pipe made of acid-resistant steel, special silicone gaskets for extra gas-tightness, insulation made of ceramic fibers and an outer pipe made of stainless steel.


  • Inner pipe made of acid-proof stainless steel grade 316L thickness 0,5mm-0,6mm,
  • Silicone gaskets on the inner pipe to ensure extra gas-tightness,
  • Outer pipe made of stainless steel 304 thickness 0,6mm,
  • Insulation made of ceramic fibers – thickness 50mm,
  • Working temperature: up to 200⁰C,
  • Operation in wet conditions,
  • Operation in underpressure,
  • Mounted to an outer wall of a building,
  • Wide range of diameters,
  • Easy and fast installation,
  • Low heat capacity,
  • High gas tightness,
  • Highest fire safety.

Available diameters

JAWAR I - wymiary

Chimney construction

JAWAR KI - budowa

Application example

JAWAR I - zastosowanie

Kit components

Basic elements:
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