Ceramic chimneys

Ceramic chimneys are ready-made solutions for the exhaust of flue gases for residential and non-residential buildings.They do not require building a brick chimney. JAWAR ceramic chimneys consist of internal lining made of isostatically pressed ceramics, mineral wool insulation and a perlite-concrete casing. Depending on the design of a given system, they can be used with various types of fuel. Ceramic chimneys are the most durable solutions available on the market. JAWAR gives a 30-year guarantee on its ceramic chimneys.

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What are ceramic chimneys and what are they used for?

Ceramic chimneys (block chimneys) are prefabricated systems for exhausting flue gases from heating devices. Thanks to the use of very solid materials, they are very durable. Isostatically pressed ceramics are resistant to corrosion, humidity and high temperatures. Perlite concrete casing ensures a strong chimney structure. Ceramic chimneys are most often used in new housing construction. They are a more efficient and safe alternative to brick chimneys. Thanks to their modular structure, they can be combined into common forms with ventilation ducts, minimizing the number of chimney passages through the roof.

Ready ceramic chimneys

JAWAR ceramic chimneys are ready and complete solutions for flue gas exhausting. Each system includes an inspection part for cleaning the chimney, a connection part, pipes, insulation, casing and also the chimney outlet. Ready ceramic chimneys are delivered on pallets along with the assembly instructions and warranty card. After installing the product, you should call a chimney sweep, who will commission the chimney and issue a relevant document, which will be needed both for the purposes of the guarantee and house insurance.

Ceramic chimney price

The price of a ceramic chimney directly depends on its basic parameters, i.e. length, nominal diameter and type of system. Knowing these values, we can try to compare the price of chimney systems from different manufacturers. There are various solutions and prices for chimney systems on the market. When comparing prices, it is worth paying attention to some important issues. First, check that the chimney has been tested as a whole system and is properly certified. Vendors showing a certificate, e.g. only for ceramic pipes, offer unproven solutions that may threaten the safety of their users. In addition, it is worth checking what the elements of each chimney are made of.

Are the ceramic pipes made of the most resistant isostatically pressed ceramics or of traditional ceramics? Is the chimney casing made of lightweight concrete that provides adequate insulation, or of ordinary concrete? Finally, is the chimney system fully insulated with mineral wool or just the so-called “Stabilizing inserts” that do not ensure proper operation of the chimney? All these factors affect the price of the chimney, but most of all they affect the safety and comfort of use. JAWAR products are fully tested, certified and guarantee a long and safe use of the chimney in your home.

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