Natural ventilation

Gravity (natural) ventilation uses the natural principles of air movement. It consists of vertical exhaust ducts, which by gravity manner remove used (warmer and lighter) air from the apartment. Fresh air is supplied through leaks in windows and doors, through open windows or air inlets. An efficient ventilation system is essential to remove moisture and unpleasant odors from the house and to provide fresh air. It ensures the comfort of living and proper operation of the building.

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Ventilation chimney

JAWAR ventilation chimneys are made of perlite-concrete blocks, which gives them their outstanding properties. Thanks to our unique technology, JAWAR ventilation systems provide:

  • Very good thermal insulation, frost resistance
  • Exact edges of blocks, possibility of gluing
  • Easy processing
  • Compatibility with JAWAR chimney blocks
  • Small building area
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • High acoustic insulation
  • Biological resistance, hindering the development of mold and fungi

The use of JAWAR ventilation chimneys ensures safe, quiet and comfortable operation of ventilation in your home.

Ventilation channels

JAWAR production program includes perlite-concrete blocks with one, two, three or four ventilation channels. They can also be combined with JAWAR chimney blocks.

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