Ceramic chimney liners

Renovation of a brick chimney by installing ceramic liners, produced in the technology of isostatic pressing, is the most durable method of chimney restoration. The chimney liner consists of ceramic pipes and fittings, properly connected and centered, put inside the existing chimney. Correctly performed repair will allow the chimney to work flawlessly with heating devices fired with various types of fuels.

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What are ceramic chimney liners and what are they used for?

Ceramic chimney liners are used to renovate the chimney in cases where steel inserts will not provide sufficient protection. Chimney liners protect chimneys against harmful effects of flue gases, because they are resistant to these effects. However, in the case of some fuels, such as modern coal stoves, the durability of steel liners is limited. On the other hand, long life is ensured by ceramic chimney liners. Their use and proper installation allow you to enjoy a well-functioning chimney for many years.
JAWAR ceramic chimney liners consist of pipes and fittings manufactured in the latest isostatic pressing technology. They are mounted inside a brick chimney (sometimes milling is necessary).

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