Oval chimney liners

Oval-section chimney liners are used wherever a large cross-section of the chimney liner is required (especially for solid fuels), and the size of the existing chimney does not allow the installation of a sufficiently large round-section insert. In such situations, the maximum use of space in the chimney is through the use of an oval liner. With quite popular rectangular shapes of chimneys, the use of such liners can significantly increase the cross-sectional area of the chimney, as shown in the figure below.

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What are oval chimney liners and what are they used for?

In the chimney technique, it is a common rule that small diameters of the chimneys are used for gas or oil-fired appliances, while larger diameters are required for solid fuels. In the case of condensing boilers, we deal with diameters from 60 to 120 mm, for ordinary atmospheric gas or oil boilers these are 120-150 mm, for heating appliances run on solid fuels, we usually use diameters from 160 mm to 200 mm. Of course, there are exceptions to the above rules and each case should be considered individually, but in 90% of cases this rule works. In case of chimney liners for solid fuels, oval liners are quite often used.
Imagine a brick chimney with a fairly popular dimension of 120 x 240 mm, where we want to connect a solid fuel heating device (e.g. a fireplace), which requires a chimney with a minimum diameter of 160mm. As you can see right away, the round chimney with a diameter of 160 mm will not fit into a chimney with dimensions of 120 x 240 mm. So you can try to use an oval chimney liner. If we leave a 10mm dilatation on each side, an oval liner with dimensions of 100 x 200 mm will fit into our chimney. By calculating the area of ​​a circle with a diameter of 160 mm and a rectangle with a diameter of 100 x 200 mm, we can easily conclude that these areas will be almost equal. Thanks to the use of an oval chimney liner, we can obtain a cross-section that in this situation could not be obtained with a round liner.
Below we present approximate references of standard dimensions of JAWAR oval liners to round sections:

  • 100 x 200 mm ≈ ∅ 160 mm
  • 110 x 230 mm ≈ ∅ 180 mm
  • 120 x 240 mm ≈ ∅ 190 mm

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