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Condensing chimney liners are used to exhaust fumes from condensing and TURBO boilers. They are equipped with special gaskets, thanks to which they can operate in overpressure of up to 200 Pa. These are chimney liners for the most modern devices that recover heat from exhaust gases. Our offer includes both single-walled condensing liners and double-walled TURBO liners with an additional air duct.

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What are condensing chimney liners and what are they used for?

Boilers operating in condensation technology use maximum thermal energy from the combustion process, including the heat of flue gas and condensate. The gases exhausted by them are cooled so much that in many cases they do not allow for a natural chimney draft. Therefore, condensing boilers are equipped with fans that push the flue gas into the chimney. In such cases the chimney must operate in overpressure, and be extremely tight to ensure the safety of its users. In such cases, condensation chimney liners are used. They are equipped with special silicone gaskets at the joints between the elements, ensuring adequate tightness in the event of overpressure. JAWAR condensation liners allow for tightness of up to 200 Pa.
In addition to condensation liners, i.e. single-wall systems with gaskets, JAWAR offer also includes TURBO liners, equipped with an additional air duct. This system is designed to work with boilers with the so-called “closed combustion chamber”. The air for the combustion process in this system is supplied through the air duct of the TURBO chimney, and the exhaust gases are ejected through the exhaust duct. This arrangement offers double benefits. First of all, the closed combustion chamber protects the users against carbon monoxide poisoning, as there is no risk of the exhaust gases flowing back into the living quarters. All air/gas circulation takes place through the chimney. The second advantage is the possibility of heat recovery in the chimney. The air flowing into the boiler is heated by the exhaust fumes, increasing the boiler efficiency and reducing fuel consumption.

Condensing chimney pipes

JAWAR condensation pipes are equipped with special three-lip silicone gaskets, which ensure ultimate tightness of the chimney liner. Thanks to this structure, JAWAR acid-resistant pipes withstand pressure of up to 200 Pa and temperature up to 200C. JAWAR condensation pipes are available in diameters of 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm and larger.

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