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JAWAR - About the company

JAWAR is a manufacturer of chimneys and ventilation systems with 30-year experience. Our products are distinguished by their safety of use and the possibility of effective heat recovery.

JAWAR is among the leading chimney manufacturers, constantly introducing innovations, keeping pace with the modern technologies and market needs.

JAWAR - About the company

Steel chimneys

Ceramic chimneys


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System chimneys

System chimneys are complete chimneys that can be installed in any home without the need to build a brick chimney. JAWAR offers solutions for every home.

Chimney liners

Chimney liners are used to protect existing brick chimneys against the harmful effects of condensate. JAWAR chimney liners are a great solution for removing fumes from modern heating devices.


Fresh air is needed in every home. JAWAR ventilation systems are a way to ensure effective air exchange depending on the needs of residents. It is worth investing in a good ventilation system to enjoy the good climate every day.

Chimney accessories

Our chimney and ventilation systems consist of the highest quality components. Here you will find descriptions of all these elements, and much more. Consider purchasing additional JAWAR accessories to make even more use of your chimney.

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    A chimney is needed for any device that is located in living quarters and in which the combustion process takes place. This process produces flue gases that must be exhausted outside to protect the residents of the building. This is the function of the chimney.

    The main task of the chimney is to safely exhaust fumes. What we mean here is safety related to preventing exhaust gases from escaping into living quarters. Carbon monoxide contained in the exhaust gas is a deadly poisoning gas and must be reliably discharged outside. The second issue related to the safety provided by chimneys is fire safety. The exhaust gases can be very hot and a sootfire can occur in the chimney. The function of the chimney is to protect the building against the spread of fire.

    Modern chimneys ensure not only safety, but also the possibility of clean and economical combustion. JAWAR offers solutions that allow you to recover heat from exhaust gases and thus reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

    It is worth carefully choosing a chimney. It is the part of our house on which a lot depends. A good chimney is a guarantee of the residents’ safety and environmental protection.

    Kominy JAWAR

    System chimneys

    System chimneys are ready-made, complete solutions for the exhaust of flue gases from heating devices. They do not require bricklaying a chimney, they are fully designed and tested at the factory level. The use of system chimneys allows you to save space in the building and also contributes to increasing the safety of heating devices.

    System chimneys are divided into ceramic and steel. Ceramic chimneys (also called “block chimneys”) are usually used in new homes. They consist of a set of ceramic pipes, insulation and a lightweight concrete casing. Ceramic chimneys are the most durable solutions on the market. Thanks to the use of the most modern isostatically pressed ceramics, JAWAR ceramic chimneys can be used for all types of fuels.

    However, in many situations it is not possible to build a ceramic chimney. Then, steel system chimneys are used. They consist of an inner jacket made of acid-resistant stainless steel, insulation and an outer jacket made of stainless steel. JAWAR’s offer includes a whole range of steel chimney systems, for use both outside and inside the building. Some of them (such as JAWAR Smooth and JAWAR Aero) can decorate a modern interior.