JAWAR is a producer of chimney ceramics manufactured according to the modern technology of isostatic pressing. As the only company in the world, we manufacture single-pressed tees in diameters up to 200mm and isostatic tees in angle of 45°. We offer the widest range of chimney systems with isostatic ceramics on the Polish market.
I invite you to read the website of JAWAR – the leading Polish chimney producer. For over 20 years our team strives to prepare a product range that meets your demands in terms of the chimney technology.
The chimney has been an inherent part of every home since centuries. Although we tend to forget it in everyday use of our houses, it is still an inevitable element of the most of heating systems. The warmth and comfort that we owe to chimneys, should be always connected with safety and economy of use. JAWAR meets those demands, offering products that are not only easy in installation, but also ensuring safety and energy efficient operation of heating devices in our customers’ houses.
In two production facilities located in central Poland, we manufacture hundreds of kilometers of new chimneys every year. Our product range involves the widest on the Polish market choice of block chimney systems with isostatic ceramics and perlite blocks, ventilation chimneys, as well as stainless steel chimneys and chimney liners. The long experience of the company, connected with innovation, guarantee our customers satisfaction of their purchase.
JAWAR, as one of the few companies in Europe, introduced production of the most modern chimney pipes, manufactured in the technology of isostatic pressing. Chimneys equipped with these pipes are distinguished by easy and fast installation, high resistance to acids, high temperatures and mechanical load.
As the first chimney producer in Europe, JAWAR has introduced chimney and ventilation blocks made of  expanded perlite. Using this innovative material in the chimney technology leads to better insulation of chimney, increases the safety of operation and significantly shortens the time of chimney installation.
Our product range is distinguished by the presence of chimney systems with air supply for solid fuel heating devices. Thanks to this solution, the safety of operation is significantly improved, as a result of eliminating the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. In addition, the heat exchange in the chimney improves the efficiency of the heating device. This solution is applied both to the block chimneys JAWAR NORD and to the stainless steel  chimneys JAWAR AERO.

In the following years, we are planning to intensify our anti-smog research. The initial test results prove, that using a well fit, modern chimney system can lead to decrease of air pollution from the heating installation by even 50%! JAWAR, as a socially responsible organization, will invest in solutions that lead to improving the air quality, for the sake of us all.