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Insulated chimneys are an ideal solution for newly built lightweight structures, such as steel or sandwich panel halls. They can be used for existing residential buildings and commercial buildings.




coal / fine coal


oil / gas (condensing)


oil / gas (non-condensing)





JAWAR CERASTAL is an independent chimney system for exhaust of flue gases from heating devices run on any fuel.

Product description

The JAWAR CERASTAL chimney system consists of a set of pipes and fittings, the inner jacket of which is made of the modern JAWAR ceramics, produced in isostatic pressing technology, characterized by low water absorption, high tightness (2.5 cm muff) and very high resistance to high temperatures and their changes (thermal shock). The outer jacket is made of stainless steel, and the insulation is made of ceramic fibers.

The chimney system configured this way is an ideal solution for the exhaust of flue gas from devices fired with gas and oil, as well as with solid fuels, especially coal.

The JAWAR CERASTAL chimney system is the only alternative for the renovation of solid fuel fired boiler houses. Due to its construction, JAWAR CERASTAL is insensitive to aggressive exhaust gases, high temperatures and condensate.

Its durability and versatility exceeds all insulated steel systems currently used on the market. CERASTAL is covered by a 20-year guarantee for internal components made of JAWAR isostatic ceramics.


  • Exhaust fumes of temperature 60-600C
  • Insulated on the full chimney length
  • Isostatic ceramics resistant to fire and humidity
  • High resistance to aggressive chemical environment, which makes it perfect for heating devices run on coal
  • Sleeve pipe connection for better gas tightness of the chimney
  • Low weight and possibility to mount the chimney to the wall surface, without the need to build the foundation
  • Outer wall made of the high-quality stainless steel grade 304
  • Chimney system marked with CE according to the following standards:
    • EN 13063-1 T600 N1 D3 G50
    • EN 13063-2 T400 N1 W3 O00

Available diameters

12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 25 cm

Chimney construction

JAWAR Cerastal - budowa

Environmental protection

JAWAR CERASTAL chimney system is a perfect solution for restoration of existing buildings. In case of thermal modernization of the building and the need to, for example, relocate the boiler room to another place, JAWAR CERASTAL system can be used virtually anywhere on the external wall of the building. It can be used in the most modern low-temperature boilers, e.g. for coal, biomass or pellets.

Kit components

Basic elements:
For an extra charge:

Files to download

Assembly instructions for JAWAR Cerastal

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Certificate JAWAR Cerastal

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Declaration of performance JAWAR Cerastal

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JAWAR CAD library Cerastal

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Price list of Chimneys System – Ceramic chimneys 2022

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