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Jawar Kompakt is a two-shaft chimney system designed to exhaust flue gases from solid fuel heating devices as well as gas and oil condensing boilers.




coal / fine coal


oil / gas (condensing)


oil / gas (non-condensing)





JAWAR Kompakt is a two-shaft chimney. The smoke channel is used to discharge smoke from appliances fired with solid fuels. The flue gas channel is used to discharge exhaust gases from condensing boilers.

Product description

The system includes a ventilation duct to remove used air from the room (e.g. boiler room). Thanks to the use of this system, the Investor does not have to decide on the use of a specific heating device at the construction stage. Jawar Kompakt allows for universal adaptation of the chimney to the later heating devices, guaranteeing the possibility of any adaptation. The system is based on two systems: Jawar Uniwersal Plus and stainless steel liners. The entire Jawar Kompakt system is encased in a uniform perlite-concrete block with a ventilation duct.

Jawar Uniwersal Plus, which is part of the Kompakt system, is a chimney system designed to remove flue gases in the temperature range 60-600oC from boilers fired with various types of fuels. It consists of ceramic pipes and fittings produced in the isostatic pressing technology, and thermal insulation made of non-flammable mineral wool.

An additional function of the Kompakt system is the discharge of flue gases from modern, low-temperature condensing boilers with a closed combustion chamber. Flue gas is discharged through a duct made of acid-resistant stainless steel. The pipe connections are equipped with gaskets, which ensures exceptional tightness of the system, which in turn guarantees the efficient operation of the system for an overpressure of 200 Pa. The system can exhaust flue gases in the temperature range of 30-200oC, and the condensate formed in the chimney is completely returned to the boiler for further heat recovery, which improves the efficiency of the heating device.


Smoke channel

  • Working in the temperature range of 60-600 ° C
  • The ceramic part allows the discharge of exhaust gases from devices for all types of fuel
  • CE marked chimney system in accordance with the standard:
    • EN 13063- 1 T600 N1 D 3 G50
    • EN 13063-2 T400 N1 W 3 O00
    • EN 13063-3 T600 N1 D 3 G50
    • EN 13063-3 T400 N1 W 3 O00
  • Soot fire resistant

Flue gas duct

  • Working in the temperature range 30-200 ° C
  • The steel part is used to discharge flue gases from gas and oil boilers operating under negative or overpressure
  • CE marked chimney system in accordance with the standard:
    • EN 13063-2 T200 N1 W 3 O00
    • EN 13063-2 T200 P1 W 3 O00
    • EN 13063-3 T200 N1 W 3 O00
    • EN 13063-3 T200 P1 W 3 O00
  • Ability to work in overpressure up to 200 Pa

Available diameters

JAWAR Kompakt - wymiary

Chimney construction

JAWAR Kompakt

Environmental protection

JAWAR Kompakt chimney system is usually used in new buildings, but it is also suitable for renovation of existing buildings. It can be used to remove exhaust fumes, among others from modern pellet or biomass boilers, as well as from energy-saving condensing boilers. Thanks to heat recovery in the flue gas channel, as well as the possibility of condensate return to the boiler, it allows to reduce fuel consumption.

Kit components

Basic elements:
Mounting package includes:
For an extra charge:

Files to download

Library CAD JAWAR Kompakt

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Declaration of performance JAWAR Kompakt

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Certificate JAWAR Kompakt

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Guarantee of ceramic chimneys

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Kominy ceramiczne JAWAR – katalog 2022

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Price list of Chimneys System – Ceramic chimneys 2022

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