JAWAR Monoflix

Chimney liners

JAWAR MONOFLIX is a flexible chimney liner made of acid-resistant stainless steel.


oil / gas (non-condensing)





JAWAR MONOFLIX systems are used as chimney liners for securing existing brick chimneys. They are intended for the removal of flue gases from heating devices, in residential and non-residential buildings.

Product description

JAWAR MONOFLIX is a flexible chimney liner made of acid-resistant stainless steel. We offer a complete set of inserts for the restoration of existing brick chimneys. It’s a very good alternative to rigid inserts wherever there are curves or bends in the chimney.


  • Made of stainless steel grade 316L thickness 0,10mm,
  • Working temperature: up to 450⁰C,
  • Operation in wet and dry conditions,
  • Operation in underpressure,
  • Installation inside of a brick chimney,
  • Wide range of diameters,
  • Easy and fast installation,
  • Low heat capacity,
  • High gas tightness.

Available diameters

80, 100, 110, 120, 125, 130, 150, 180, 200 mm

Application example

JAWAR Monoflix - zastosowanie

Environmental protection

The chimney liner is perfect for renovation of existing buildings. In the case of thermal modernization of a building and the need to use a more efficient heating device, it is necessary to install a chimney insert in a brick chimney to protect it against the negative effects of condensation.

Kit components

Basic elements:
For an extra charge:

Files to download

Assembly instructions JAWAR Flexible inserts

Size: 1.15 MB

Certificate JAWAR Flexible linears

Size: 558.59 KB

JAWAR CAD library Flexible liners

Size: 927.10 KB

JAWAR declaration of performance Flexible inserts

Size: 763.29 KB

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