Central ventilation unit JAWAR R350

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The JAWAR R350 recuperator is a compact air handling unit designed for mechanical ventilation in residential buildings. It is a Polish product, based on components from leading European manufacturers.

Central unit JAWAR R350 is a compact ventilation unit with heat recovery designed for mechanical ventilation in residential buildings. It is a Polish product, consisting of components made by leading European manufacturers. Its main properties are:

  • Flow rate value: 350 m3/h
  • Energy efficiency class: “A”
  • Heat recovery efficiency: 85,3%
  • Heat exchanger: Recair
  • Motors: EBM-Papst
  • Filters: 2 x G4
  • By-pass: integrated, automatic
  • Steering: LCD panel
  • Ionizer

Technical data of the Jawar R350 recuperator

Unit typeR200R250R350R(500)?
Maximum flow ratem3/h
Pressure at nominal flowPa
Energy consumptionW
Power supplyV
Outlet diametermm
Filter class
Outlet arrangementhorizontalhorizontal
SEC in average climate conditionskWh/m2/rok
SEC in cold climate conditionskWh/m2/rok
SEC in warm climate conditionskWh/m2/rok
SEC class (average climate conditions)BA
Declared typetwo-waytwo-way
Motor & driveVariable speed fanVariable speed fan
Heat recovery typemembranemembrane
Efficiency acc. to UE 1254/2014, dT=13°C, SWM %
Power input at max air flowW
Sound power leveldB (A)
Reference flow ratem3/s
Reference pressure differencePa
Specific Power InputW/(m3/h)
Ventilation control0,85; central demand control0,85; central demand control
Maximum internal leak%
Maximum external leak%
Clogged filter warningYesYes
Assembly / disassembly instructionswww.jawar.com.pl www.jawar.com.pl
Annual heating saved in average climate conditionskWh/m2
Annual heating saved in cold climate conditionskWh/m2
Annual heating saved in warm climate conditionskWh/m2


  • Length: 800 mm
  • Width: 480 mm
  • Height: 650 mm

Product index: RR350

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