JAWAR natural ventilation systems


JAWAR ventilation blocks are intended for the construction of gravity or mechanical ventilation duct systems.

JAWAR ventilation blocks are used to build gravity ventilation ducts.

Product description

JAWAR ventilation blocks are intended for the construction of natural or mechanical ventilation ducts. For the production of blocks, the company uses perlite-concrete mixtures, which allows for high acoustic insulation and fire resistance. It is worth knowing that ventilation is the process of removing used air from rooms and providing fresh air in its place. Therefore, you should pay attention to its correct operation, because the air in all rooms is constantly polluted. The most popular type of ventilation used in residential buildings is natural ventilation, also known as gravity ventilation. Its driving force is the difference between the density of cold (fresh outside) and warm (inside) air. Cold air enters the rooms through leaks in windows and walls of the building or through air inlets installed in windows or walls. After mixing with the air in the room and being heated, it leaves the room with pollutants through ventilation grates connected to the ventilation ducts. According to the building regulations, inlets for ventilation ducts must be located in the kitchen, bathroom or toilet, windowless rooms, and sometimes also in other rooms.


  • Very high acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Regular shapes – possible to connect using glue
  • Easy cutting and grinding
  • Sizes compatible with JAWAR chimney blocks
  • Low building area
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Biological resistance, hindering the formation of fungi and mold
  • Tested on fire spreading according to EI120 class
  • CE certified according to standard:
    • EN 12446 T600 (N) G (50) MI

Available sizes

Wentylacja grawitacyjna JAWAR - wymiary

Kit components

Basic elements:
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