Mechanical ventilation restoration system


Stuffy at home? Moisture problems? Gravity ventilation is not working? Mechanical ventilation can also be installed in the existing building. It does not always require a major restoration and house reconstruction. Thanks to JAWAR products, it is possible to renovate ventilation in an existing building and install mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

Product description

Ventilation restoration should begin with a thorough feasibility study and design. First, the location of the central air handling unit should be set. In the case of restoration, the best solution is to place it in an unused part of the attic. Thanks to this location, it will be possible to supply air from the air intake and to the launcher, which can be located in the roof or in the gable walls of the building. Using an unused attic, we can also easily distribute air to / from rooms located directly below it.

Ventilation of the rooms on the lower storey is a bigger challenge, if it is a two-storey house. In this case, it is necessary to use the existing gravity ventilation ducts that lead from the kitchen, toilet or other rooms. These canals can be connected to the recuperator in the attic. On the ground floor, they can be branched to ventilate as many rooms as possible.

When designing mechanical ventilation, we try to ensure that every room has an air supply or exhaust air valve. This will not always be possible in the case of restoration. This does not mean that such a project does not make sense. Any improvement in the operation of ventilation will be felt by increasing the comfort of living in the apartment and savings in heating.

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