JAWAR Atmo recuperation system


Mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery based on vertical channels made of lightweight concrete.


Jawar ATMO ventilation system is energy efficient apartment ventilation. It removes used air from the house and supplies fresh filtered air mechanically. Jawar ATMO is equipped with a recuperator, which is exchanging heat between the used and fresh air. As a result, a preheated and filtered fresh air is supplied to the apartment through vertical perlite-concrete channels. 

Ventilation blocks made from lightweight perlite-concrete are distinguished by excellent thermal insulation, which results in little heat loss in the system. Special properties of perlite allow quiet work of the system. Easy installation of the blocks results in low costs of the investment. 

ATMO is an optimal solution in terms of costs and functionality. For a lower price, the user receives a system with comparable energy efficiency and capacity and a simple installation.


  • Popular gravity ventilation works properly in traditional houses, where the air is supplied through leakage in windows and doors, and exhausted through vertical ventilation channels. Modern buildings are very tight, windows and doors are designed not to allow leakage. As a result, gravity ventilation does not work in modern houses.
  • Standard solutions of mechanical ventilation with heat exchange, transport the air through a dense network of metal or plastic ducts, usually situated under the ceiling. This solution creates noises and results in high investment costs. 
  • Jawar ATMO is an innovative solution, using vertical channles, similar to those used for gravity ventilation. The air is exhausted from the rooms like kitchen or bathrooms. After air exchange in the main ventilation unit, the system supplies fresh preheated and filtered air to other rooms, like bedrooms or living room. Both air inlet and outlet are conducted through vertical channels made from lightweight perlite-concrete, which results in quiet work and efficient operation of the whole system, reduces the time and costs of installation and helps avoid the construction of suspended ceilings.

How it works?

Jawar ATMO is a mechanical ventilation system with heat exchange. It exhausts used air from the apartment and supplies fresh air, which is preheated and filtered. Jawar ATMO consists of 3 basic modules:

Module 1 – central unit and steering

  • Jawar central ventilation unit of capacity 200 m3/h i san electrical device equipped with heat exchanger with efficiency of up to 92%, fans ensuring air outflow/inflow and a system of exchangeable filters; the central ventilation unit should be placed in the attic or in the basement;
  •  Steering panel can be placed in anywhere in the apartment, like in the living room or bedroom; with the panel you can adjust the power of the fans to get the desired comfort in the house;

Module 2 – vertical channels

  • Channels made from lightweight perlite-concrete ensure quiet operation and good thermal insulation of the system; they are placed within the inner walls of the house and are responsible for transport of fresh and used air between the rooms and the central ventilation unit; an advantage of using this kind of channels is that you don’t need to hang ventilation pipes under the ceiling of in the floor; the number of channels is dependent on the number of rooms that you need to ventilate;
  • Inlet/outlet diffusers – they are placed in the inlet/outlet of the vertical channels in the rooms and allow adjustment of the amount of air that we want supplied/exhausted in the room;

Module 3 – horizontal installation

  • Intake and launcher – intake allows supplying the air from outside to the central ventilation unit, and the launcher allows exhausting used air from the central unit to the outside; the intake and launcher can be placed in the upper parts of the outside walls or in the roof; the ATMO system is standard equipped with wall intake and launcher; in case of the need to go through the roof we recommend to use standard parts of the roofing system; the intake and launcher are connected to the central ventilation unit through flexible insulated ducts;
  • Junction boxes – allow to separate the air going from the central ventilation unit to individual vertical channels, as well as connecting air coming from different vertical channels towards the central ventilation unit;
  • Ducts connecting vertical channels with the central ventilation unit – the vertical channels are connected in the attic or basement with the central ventilation unit (through the junction boxes) with flexible insulated ducts; ducts are ended with system connectors; Jawar ducts make the system installation fast and easy.
Rysunek ATMO

Uniqueness of the system

JAWAR ATMO is characterized by the fact that the individual air exhausts and air inlets in the apartment are connected to the central unit by means of vertical channels made of lightweight concrete. The central unit is placed in the attic or in the boiler room. The individual vertical ducts are connected with the central unit by flexible pipes and junction boxes.

Advantages of JAWAR ATMO

  • Heat exchange and excellent insulation of ventlation channels
  • Quiet operation as a result of using perlite-concrete
  • Clean filtered air
  • Proper air flow
  • No need to construct suspended ceiling
  • No need to go through the roof with the chimney
  • Fast and easy installation
  • 100% made in the UE
  • Climate protection – less CO2 emission
FeatureNatural ventilationMechanical ventilationJAWAR ATMO
Operation in a modern sealed houseNoYesYes
System air inletNoYesYes
Ventilation controlNoYesYes
Heat recoveryNoYesYes
Air filteringNoYesYes
Comfort of useNoYesYes
Installation without additional ceilingYesNoYes
Easy and fast installationYesNoYes
Low cost of installationYesNoYes
Easy cleaning of ductsYesNoYes
Silent operationYesNoYes
Quick return on investmentNoNoYes

Kit components

Basic elements:
Mounting package includes:
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